2014: Phil and Brian

'He fought long and hard': The rock singer and lifetime cigarette smoker - who scored hits with All I Have To Do Is Dream, Wake Up Little Susie, and Bye Bye Love - died due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease I was going to begin my blogging this year with an optimistic comment on what we may see from Brian Wilson this year, but it would be remiss not to begin the year on a sad note with the passing of Phil Everly. When you’ve been a clear influence for all of the Beatles, Beach Boys and Simon & Garfunkel,  there is no cliche or overstatement to say that a true legend has died. Without the Everly Brothers paving the way with a blend of harmonies and rock and roll power, who knows whether the Beatles and Beach Boys would have been received so well by the public?

So rest in peace, Phil Everly.  One can debate and discuss their role in the progression of rock and roll, but there is little argument about the legacy of timeless songs that they left behind.

2014 has began on a sad note musical note, and a reminder there are no guarantees on what will happen tomorrow. But it remains a year of some optimism that we will see some new things from Brian, including a new album and possibly his film. After 2012, where Brian reclaimed his Beach Boys legacy, and 2013, which was still focused on archival Beach Boys material, there is a real sense that 2014 and beyond may see the spotlight moving back to the surviving Wilson brother.  We can hope, but at that same time, we can also be thankful for the legacy of Phil Everly and Brian Wilson’s music so far.

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