Something New

After reflecting on the sad passing of Lou Reed, it’s a pleasure to look at something fresh and new from the 60s era. And indeed, it is Macca himself, with his first collection of completely original songs since 2007 (last year’s Macca album, Kisses On The Bottom was mostly covers).

If the 2007 album, Memory Almost Full seemed a bit like a postscript on a career, and someone reflecting on an almost complete career and contemplating mortality, New definitely has an apt sense of renewal. McCartney does take a step into the future by using young producers, and a modern side – yet at the same time, a lot of the album is stepped in the past, both lyrically (Early Days) and in some musical tricks that recall the Beatles.

Indeed, the album works best when McCartney finds the inventive melodic touch that was his Beatles hallmark -especially on the title track, Queenie Eye and and Looking At Her. The hidden track, Scared, reveals a mostly hidden lyrical vulnerability which is also noteworthy.

While Brian Wilson has always made music independent of any current trends, McCartney has always tried to renew himself, acquaint himself with newer music, and experiment. The musical genius twins have diverged in that respect -and while I believe Brian Wilson may have written more “great” songs in recent years, New is a very satisfactory reminder that McCartney is very much around and making some decent music. Overall, it’s a renewal we can all believe in.


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