A Great Month

AnnyCelsi_January_cover_72dpi_resized.jpg The music world will be focusing on the sad passing of one Los Angeles musician, Ray Manzerak of the Doors, but today’s review looks at another Los Angeles artist, Anny Celsi.  She’s featured on these pages before, and is now back with her third album, January.

January is a month of new beginnings, as well as endings, and sometimes a massive post-festive comedown, but for Anny Celsi, it is one of musical consolidation. There are familiar styles -sunshine pop, country flavored rock -but done with a fresh approach and melodies that sound like instant hits.

Au Revoir, My Darling kicks off the album with a instant classic pop sound that will soon playing over in your head, while Travelogue evokes the romanticism of travel. Ghosts In The Room has a fantastic horn-driven production, while Wait is achingly beautiful and the closer Citybird has country leanings but a great understated pop sound.

It’s another great record for Anny Celsi -you can buy the album on her website and CD Baby, and you should also check out her back catalogue.

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