Pet Sounds Day

It’s the 47th anniversary of the release of Pet Sounds today; of course, if I was ruler of the world, it would be a public holiday, but for now,  we can just appreciate the greatest album ever released.  Today, I’m thinking about something written about Pet Sounds when it was rated the best album ever in New Musical Express, a few years after I really started loving the album.

The by-line to the album being the best was ““proof that swooning emotions, pearling harmonies and lines about missing your girl are still valid.”  It’s a very different world  in 2013 – a far more connected world , but also a more divided one. Popular music has diverged into so many directions -and there may been many critical and commercial picks for best album since then.  But in the end , for me  an album with “swooning emotions”, “missing your girl” and the basic search for love and acceptance, has to be number one, even if you don’t talk about the melody, harmony and production. Happy birthday, Pet Sounds!

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