That’s Why God Made The Radio Track-by-track IV: Spring Vacation

This track has taken a bit of flack for the possibly less than poetic lyrics and the possibly cynical phrase “easy money.” Indeed, this may have been one of the tracks that one could have dreaded, having seen the tracklist.

But never judge a book by the cover, or a song by the title. Spring Vacation is a great pop tune, and an instant singalong, and the lyrical theme of unity in strength is hardly controversial.

Ultimately, pop music isn’t about the the lyrics alone, but the way the combination of melody, rhythm and lyrics makes you feel. And with the simple joys expressed by this song, it’s a singular success.


2 Responses to “That’s Why God Made The Radio Track-by-track IV: Spring Vacation”

  1. Tom says:

    My first reaction was this was that geriatric Mike was trying to appeal to college kids on spring break, but upon closer inspection, it’s more personal than that. These guys are in their 70s and no matter how much easy money they make, they know tomorrow could bring the cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc. that success won’t save them from. They marvel at their lives as much as we do. The credits could have rolled many times on their story but on it goes. “What’s it to ya, hallelujah” indeed. I hope it’s a single

  2. Peter says:

    A spirited one, also enticing a smile.

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