That’s Why God Made The Radio Track-by-track III: Isn’t It Time

The third track and second single from That’s Why God Made The Radio is one I will always associate with my California trip and the shows that I saw there. I heard it during the soundcheck of the Berkeley shows, and then twice at the actual shows that I went to. In both cases, the audience reaction was as good as any of the classic hits, because…this is a classic hit.

Written by the same committee as the title track with Mike Love an additional member, Isn’t It Time may not be the strongest song on the album from a pure musical perspective. But with the eternal theme of kindling old flames, the vocal interplay between the different lead vocalists, compelling rhythm and catchy melody, it’s an almost perfect pop song.

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  1. Tom says:

    I prefer the live version because it sounds so much better with louder drums. Hope we get a good recording when the live stuff hits. And yes, this is a hit along the lines of “Getcha Back” and “Still Cruisin'”.

  2. Still Good—–YES Sure In Let’s Doing But Me In Group With Bruce,Michael,
    Brian,AL!! My Favorite Beach Boys Songs Beaches In Mind And Isn’t it Time
    I Am Free Girls Let’s Work Boys.

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