It’s Just Like Being 21 Again

As Brian Wilson turns 70, he actually seems to be rewinding his life to around 1964, and in a very good way. He’s touring with the Beach Boys (playing in lovely Montreal on the night of his birthday) and has a hit album, consisting mostly of new songs co-written by him,  riding high in the Billboard charts. His group have even usurped their great rivals the Beatles from a major chart record- the greatest longevity by any group in the Billboard albums top 10.

Brian Wilson could have been one of the 60s great casualties. Instead, he is not only one of the great survivors, but a major current creative force.  Leave alone the completion of SMiLE; in the last ten years Brian has given us songs like What Love Can Do, The Like In I Love You, Midnight’s Another Day, Good Kind Of Love and From There To Back Again. There have been a lot of people who have contributed to Brian’s current position, not least of all the very special group of musicians who have supported him for ten years. But Brian Wilson is my hero, because he has willed himself through the tough times, tackled his demons and has shared far more great music with us in recent times than we ever believed possible.

It’s fitting that Brian Wilson will spend this milestone birthday directly sharing the music that he has created, and is now a permanent part of popular culture. I hope they give him the mother, father and grandparent of all celebrations-he deserves it.

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  1. Juan Montero says:

    It’s so thrilling for us to see our hero (I think you nailed it with that word) turning 70… I’ll be living the dream in Stuttgart on august 4th. Most likely, tears of joy will come to my face.

  2. gbbw says:

    It’s definitive, I’ll see them in Barcelona next month. I’ve seen Brian solo and Mike’s BB. But this time will be special. Both for the reunion and because I’ll go to see them with some great friends of mine who are also great BB’s find.
    Can’t wait!

  3. Andrew says:

    Wish both of you wonderful concerts -but on my personal experience, and that of many others, you won’t be disappointed

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