And Yes, We Must Still Remain The Wildhearted Outsiders

As I posted recently, the Beach Boys are not the only ones with a studio album after a long break. One Day I’m Going To Soar was released the same day as That’s Why God Made The Radio in Europe, and in the UK, the Dexy’s comeback has possibly garnered as much press interest as the Beach Boys.

27 years hasn’t changed Kevin Rowland’s key thematic concerns- the difficulties of love, and especially being a committed relationship, as well as being an outsider, as well as his Irish background.  The sound hasn’t changed -it’s still a passionate blue-eyed soul, flavored with violins giving a Celtic poignancy.

For me, the strongest tracks include the catchy She’s Got A Wiggle, the introspective Me and especially the epic closer, It’s OK John Joe. This track, with multiple sections, and spoken word sections, comes closest to the feel of Dexy’s last album, the cult favorite, Don’t Stand Me Down.

A few of the songs are weighed down by the vocals of Madeleine Hyland, which grate a bit for me. Overall, I don’t think it quite soars to the heights of their classic 1980s trilogy, but at it’s best, it is compelling listening. Like an old high school friend, they have really haven’t changed that much, and we love them for that.

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