So Close, You Can Almost Listen To It

There has been quite lot happening in the past day or in respect of the new Beach Boys album. Most tangibly, you can now hear 30 second snippets of each of the tracks at Amazon.  While 30 seconds doesn’t make a song, it does sound very promising -just the harmonies and sound of the opening Think About The Days evokes the best things about the group. From There To Back Again seems to be getting the most positive comments from those who have heard the record, and the initial preview confirms the promise of this song.

Composing credits from the entire album are also circulating the internet, and these confirm that all the songs were co-written by at least one Beach Boy, the first time this has happened since Love You!  Indeed, with all but one song co-written by Brian, it will easily have the most Brian involvement from a composition perspective (as well as other aspects) on a Beach Boys album since Love You! Joe Thomas also features strongly, and it is likely some of the songs dated from that era. Daybreak Over The Ocean, a solo Mike Love composition, dates from even earlier. A surprising name on the final track’s credit is Jon Bon Jovi- however, the track sounds a lot closer to Caroline, No than Bad Medicine!

An in-depth and positive review of the album can be seen here. There’s still a lot more to hear, but even at this stage, it seems almost miraculous that we are three weeks away from a new Beach Boys album, strongly featuring Brian, but also Mike, Al, Bruce and David Marks, that will at very least be a very good record.

A final thought – Brian will now, as a solo artist and Beach Boy, have released three studio albums in less than two years, and four studio albums in less than four years. While they haven’t all been original songs, this is considerable productivity for any artist at this time, let alone one who may have been written off as a casualty of the 60s.

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  1. Brendan says:

    Listened to snippets of it on Amazon yesterday. The Joe Thomas, Your Imagination vibe is all over what I heard, albeit with the added charm of the Boys harmonies. Brian is in much better shape vocally and stronger as an artist then he was 15 years ago, hopefully that will make a difference from this release and “YI”. Do the Mints play on it? I didn’t see Darian listed as producer or “musical secretary”and on the Wiki site for the LP they are not mentioned. That could be cause for concern. Still, the single is glorious and the harmonies are still one in a million, so hope springs eternal….

  2. Andrew says:

    I think I read somewhere Probyn spoke about playing on the album. I would imagine they are there

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