Luxury Hotel

In 2008, I enthusiastically reviewed the debut album from the Explorers Club, Freedom Wind, on this blog, and noted it was one the finest takes on the Beach Boys sound from a newer band. The sophomore album has been a little while in coming, but was one of the reasons why 2012 was always going to be a year of great musical promise.

Grand Hotel moves somewhat away from a direct Beach Boys sound to a more classic/sunshine pop sound. The sound for me is almost as if a record of Bacharach tunes was produced by Brian, and if that sounds like high praise, it is certainly intended. It’s one of those records where it is clear that every track has been lovingly crafted and designed to fit into an album which has a uniform quality of excellence. It’s also one of those records that rewards repeated listens to appreciate all the melodic and production tricks.

Some standouts for now  include the hook-laded Run Run Run, the tender Summer Days, Summer Nights and the emotional ballad Open The Door. You can check out the band at their website and get their music there, and lots of other places on the web. And you should.

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