You Can’t Ignore A Little Black Dress

Anny Celsi is one of the great musicians that I found on the MySpace Brian Wilson Band Colleagues page. I recently got a copy of her 2003 album Little Black Dress & Other Stories and can safely say that the music lives up to the intrigue of the title.

This is a group of songs that one feels are personal and reflective, but this is not an angsty, morose snoozefest. Rather than that, Anny Celsi draws on a rich palette of musical styles that entertain and keep the listener drawn to the music…there are the more bluesy songs like Wicked Little Heart, classic pop excursions like Summer Fling and It Hurts/My Heart/To Hear/Your Voice, and folksy tracks like He’s Always Looking At The Sky.

My personal favorites include the deeply-felt So Many Bad Dreams, with the haunting refrain “how can one girl have so many bad dreams” and the beautiful resigned ballad Shut Out The Shine. Overall, a very worthwhile record and I look forward to a new album from her this year. Check out Anny’s well-thought out web site, MySpace page and get the CD at CD Baby.

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