Day 26- 30 Day Song Challenge: Surfer Girl

Day 26 is a song that I can play on an instrument. Ahem, this is tricky because -confession time, I can’t play any musical instrument properly, aside from a little bit of sight-reading I can do on the piano. So I’ll need to go for a relatively simple song that I could potentially play at least the main melody on the piano -and Surfer Girl comes to mind.  I don’t think any of Brian Wilson’s are that straightforward, but this one is based on a children’s song, and has a simple, heartfelt sentiment.

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  1. gbbw says:

    It is even trickier for me since I can’t play any instrument at all. So I’ll go for the obvious choice: a vocal only song. Since I already chose Our prayer in another post, I’ll choose a Walk on by. I know the words and I can sing it… which is not to say that I can make ir sound anything like the boys can 😉

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