Day 24- 30 Day Song Challenge: Surf’s Up

Heavy stuff  today, folks -day 24 is a song you would like played at your funeral.  I actually didn’t need too long to think about it – my choice is Surf’s Up, which is simply a stunning marriage of music and words, and also a song of redemption and re-birth.

This ties in a bit with the new edition of Endless Summer Quarterly, which focuses on the 15 Big Ones album, but for me the most interesting article is David Marks’ tribute to the recently deceased  John Maus (Walker) – it was fascinating for me to realise the importance of Maus in the guitar education of both Marks and Carl Wilson.

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  1. gbbw says:

    I wouldn’t want some sad song at my funeral. I don’t think I even would like to have a funeral. I would rather all the people I love got together to have fun and remember me. I think Do it again is a good soundtrack to discuss about the past

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