Day 21- 30 Day Song Challenge: Southern California

Today, it’s a song that I listen to when I’m happy. Nothing comes to mind (maybe I’m not happy enough), but I wanted to get another solo track in -a song that I fell in love with immediately when I was lucky enough to be at it’s premiereSouthern California not only stands up to Brian’s other best work, but also reflects the joys of Brian’s lifelong achievement in making great music. It’s something I should always be happy about!

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  1. gbbw says:

    This is also difficult to me, because there is no particular song I can think of. I will choose Darlin’ because I enjoy it more when I’m in a good mood and I can’t avoid smiling when I hear the bridge (“Gonna love you every single night, yes I will
    Cause I think you’re too doggone outta sight”)

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