Bragg Right-On

The excellent musicianship of Brian’s current band, as well as some quality releases by  members of the band mean that the bar is set high for new releases from the band. Nelson Bragg is a relative newcomer to the band, replacing non-travelling Wondermint, Mike d’Amico, but was a core part of the SMiLE band and is certainly a key member now. His recently released solo album is Day Into Night and I am happy to report that it more then meets expectations.

The heart of the music is 70s West-coast rock, with nods towards Crosby Stills & Nash and associates, but we know that music was also rooted in the harmonies created Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. The keyword is indeed harmony, with smooth vocals and expertly-created musical backing. The opener Forever Days kickstarts proceedings and introduces the sound of the album, but for me the highlight is Death Of Caroline. The title will obviously point towards Caroline No, but the song sounds like the great 70s hit the Beach Boys never had, with harmonies sounding just like Carl, Mike and Al made a detour to help record this album. There is also a cover of Beatle George’s Dark Sweet Lady from George’s self-titled 1979 album (but this one of only two non-original tracks). Nelson Bragg is also one of the Now People and Now People frontman Steve Stanley also appears on the album as does Now People/Wondermint/Brian Wilson band/multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Probyn Gregory, and it also nice to see the Stockholm Strings and Horns, who were a big part of SMiLE.

Brian Wilson/Beach Boys/West Coast rock/good music fans should all enjoy this, and should therefore head to Nelson’s MySpace page. You can buy the album at CD Baby.

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