Two Angels Brought To Life

I’ve made a few mentions on the blog to Adam Marsland’s band doing the songs of Dennis and Carl, but it is less than a week ago that the CD finally made its way to these South African shores. To summarise what this CD is about; LA pro musician Adam Marsland and his Chaos band (Teresa Cowles, Kurt Medlin, John Perry) joined up with Evie Sands and Beach Boys archivist extraordinaire, Alan Boyd, to do live shows featuring songs of Dennis and Carl.

The result is an album called Long Promised Road and anyone who thinks they are a reasonably serious Beach Boys fan should be getting this into their collection pronto. For starters, it contains legal version of the legendary Dennis songs Carry Me Home and Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Live Again, the latter hardly even featuring on bootlegs. However, there is lot more to this -you get a top band playing exhibiting that the Wilson talent pool did not end with Brian, and clearly having a party doing so. There are 9 Dennis songs and 5 Carl songs, plus 6 songs from Adam Marsland, Evie Sands and Alan Boyd’s own catalogue, including Alan Boyd’s Meanwhile, a song that would have sat proudly on any Beach Boys album.

As with much live work, there is an emphasis on the rocking side of Dennis and Carl, and these concerts were clearly events that you had to be there. However, for me, there are a few oceans keeping me away, and this will have to do this as an excellent momento that honors and cherishes the memory of Dennis and Carl. You can get the album here, and I highly recommend you do so.

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