Brian’s Hidden Beauties XIV: It’s Over Now

Even although the Beach Boys and Brian Wilson had a number of “sad” songs, there are very few songs that could be described as totally dark. Warmth Of The Sun finds solace in beauty and even ‘Til I Die has an incredible beauty which seems to be uplifting, despite the theme of the song. To find something completely melancholy, you have to head for the unreleased 1977 album Adult Child and particularly this song, which was eventually released on the Good Vibrations box set.

It is beautiful of couse, but Carl manages an anguished vocal, and Marilyn Wilson/Rovell even has a short vocal part, ironically just a short while before her split with Brian. And the lyric is unremittingly sad- when Carl sings “Heaven is far away, angels no longer play”, you know things are really sad.

Of course it is brilliant- and to think that Brian’s songs of this quality waited more than 15 years to get released officially. 

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