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No Pier Pressure Track-by-track III: What Ever Happened

Friday, September 25th, 2015

Many of the stronger songs on No Pier Pressure have enough Beach Boys on them to persuade you that this is just the follow-up to That’s Why God Made The Radio. What Ever Happened  is ft. Al Jardine and David Marks, who are certainly not rap stars, but bona fide Beach Boys.

Regardless of who is on the track, it’s a lovely nostalgic song which reflects on the change happening around us, and in our lives, without being sappy or over-sentimental. It’s definitely a credit to all of Brian, David and Al’s body of work.

No Pier Pressure Track-by-track II: Runaway Dancer

Saturday, September 19th, 2015

This is the closest Brian has got to a “modern urban R&B” released track (Smart Girls remains very much “unofficial”), and it may be a slight jolt to those still mesmerized by the opening track. But the collaboration with Sebu Simonian of Capital Cities still has a lot of  “real” instruments and melody that makes it least an appealing diversion in the Brian oeuvre.

No Pier Pressure Track-by-track I: This Beautiful Day

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

The quiet invocation is a feature of a number of Beach Boys albums, but this is the first time we see one on a Brian Wilson album. In the spirit of Our Prayer, Meant For You or Think About The Days, the overall mood is more important than the lyrics. As with some of Brian’s great work, the feeling of beauty and joy, that elusive moment, is captured by the loveliness of nature.