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Day 20- 30 Day Song Challenge: Melt Away

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Day 20, and we’re two-thirds through the song challenge. It’s time for another Brian solo song, as we look at a song that I would listen to if I was angry. Melt Away fits the bill – it has feelings of anguish “the world don’t care what I can be”, but ultimately talks about that uplifting theme of the healing power of love -and “melts away” the anger.

Day 19- 30 Day Song Challenge: Pet Sounds

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Today is a song from my favorite album. The favorite album bit is easy – and it makes sense to select the title track to represent the album; the brilliant and restless instrumental that Brian intended for a James Bond film.

Day 18- 30 Day Song Challenge: Good Kind Of Love

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

Day 18 is a song that you wished that you heard on the radio.  I haven’t picked any Brian solo songs yet, so I’m going to start redressing the balance with Good Kind Of Love – a recent song that should have been top of the airplay charts, and ties in well with yesterday’s entry, Good Vibrations, as a modern pocket symphony from Brian.

Day 17- 30 Day Song Challenge: Good Vibrations

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Today it’s a song that you hear often on the radio. Considering that I hardly listen to the radio, this is another tricky category. However,  I’m pretty sure the Beach Boys song that I’ve heard most often on the radio is their biggest hit worldwide. It was featured in an advert on television here in South Africa recently as well, so I think it is the best qualifier for this category.

Day 16- 30 Day Song Challenge: Fun Fun Fun

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Day 16 is a song you used to love but now you hate. Hate is a harsh word for anything, let alone a song that Brian Wilson wrote, let alone a Brian Wilson that I used to love. Eventually, I picked Fun Fun Fun – a song that I remember from my youngest days, and thought was quite “cool”, and only in my later fandom realised that Brian Wilson wrote many songs that were a lot more substantial. And it does have the seven deadly sins…..

Day 15- 30 Day Song Challenge: Surfer Moon

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

We’re halfway through the challenge, and today is a song that describes you. What immediately came to mind is Surfer Moon, a song that gives it title to my domain name and many of my online aliases. The slow, reflective nature of the song is the reason why I have adopted it for a lot of my on-line presence.

Day 14- 30 Day Song Challenge: Let Us Go On This Way

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Today is a song that no-one would expect to me like. Tricky one – but given that I am known to have a propensity towards more introspective songs and layered production, people might not expect to like the Love You opener. But I do -it’s one of the most instant grooves that I know in the Brian Wilson canon.

And today’s required reading is this Access Atlanta article which talks about the reunion/50th anniversary buzz plus the Disney album and the “rock and roll album.” Still more questions than answers, but it should be an exciting twelve months for Brian and the Beach Boys whatever happens.

Day 13- 30 Day Song Challenge: Match Point Of Our Love

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Day 13 is a guilty pleasure -and I have quite a few in the Brian catalogue; songs that many malign but that I quite enjoy. However, Match Point is probably the prime “culprit” – it was even the second song in my Brian’s Hidden Beauties series. It may be a guilty pleasure, but I have no problem defending it….

And no guilt at all in linking to this clip, showing Brian receiving MOJO’s lifetime achievement award, with an impassioned introduction from Neil Finn (ex-Crowded House, Split Enz etc.)

Day 12- 30 Day Song Challenge: Don’t Hurt My Little Sister

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Day 12 is supposed to be a song from a band you hate. Hate is a strong word in these times, but the idea here would be to go for a cover version of a Brian Wilson song by a band you dislike. And that is quite hard, because a band’s likeability factor would certainly be improved by the very act of doing a Briansong.

So I’ve gone for a choice that may seem convoluted to some, but I’m satisfied with it. The Brian Wilson song is Don’t Hurt My Little Sister; the video is Things Are Changing by the Blossoms, which was a public service announcement to promote equality, based on the Brian Wilson song. Which all seems a very good thing, so where is the hate?

Well, it’s not really hate, but the dislike factor is Phil Spector who rewrote the Brian Wilson song for the public sector announcement. N0-one can deny Spector’s talent, and Brian’s own love for Spector is well known, but as a person Spector seems to embody the qualities of arrogance and self-grandeur that reflect the worst of the human race. So the point that I’m making in this choice is my dislike for these characteristics, which have ultimately seen the worst excesses of the human race (Hitler, Stalin, Breivik, possibly Spector’s own crime)  rather than hatred for any person or band. And here endeth the lesson.

Day 11- 30 Day Song Challenge: Had To Phone Ya

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Day 11 is a song from your favorite band.  So I could pick anything that Brian wrote for the Beach Boys, but I’m going to pick a song that not only features the classic line-up of Brian, Dennis, Carl, Mike and Al, but also has lead vocals from each one of the “fab five.”

And talking about the Beach Boys and reunions, there are rumors of some reunion activity for the 50th anniversary, including some recording including a reworking of Do It Again. We’ll wait for anything official, but watch this space….