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The Show Must Go On, But

Sunday, August 11th, 2019

As noted in my previous post, despite the tragic loss of Nicky Wonder, the Brian Wilson shows did go ahead, with an appropriate tribute to their band member, and a big gap in the sound. In this spirit, I would like to offer a further tribute to Nicky Wonder in one of his obscure but brilliant Wondermints tracks linked below.

The Wonderful Nicky

Thursday, August 8th, 2019

I was hoping my next post would be around the uplifting news of Brian’s successful return to the road. Instead, there was the shocking news of the passing of Nicky Wonder (Walusko), in his sleep the night before he was scheduled to play in the show. As an integral and universally-loved part of Brian Wilson’s band, this news is very hard to bear. It’s also important to remember that Nicky Wonder was much more than a Brian Wilson band member – as one of the main songwriters and singers of the Wondermints, he created some brilliant music in his own right, and it’s important to remember that the Wondermints were a great band. Go well, Nicky Wonder, you will be missed so much!

And He’s Back!

Saturday, August 3rd, 2019

This week we got a rare piece of happy news that Brian Wilson is indeed ready for his late summer tours, and will be back on the road in four days time (7 August). His program will be an intense 25 shows in less than two months  including the tour with the Zombies, some Pet Sounds shows and some Greatest Hits shows.

Midsummer Midwinter

Friday, July 26th, 2019

It’s the middle of summer in the northern hemisphere, including record temperatures in Europe, but here in the “far south”, it is quite cold with some very welcome rain in Cape Town. All is fairly quiet on the Brian Wilson front, but at this stage, he is due back on the road in less than two weeks. 

Lucky 77

Thursday, June 20th, 2019

Happy 77th birthday, Brian Wilson- this birthday takes place under less happy circumstances but still with much hope for the future, and thanks for all that Brian Wilson has given us. Have a look at what I wrote seven years ago on Brian’s 70th birthday.

Wishing Brian

Sunday, June 16th, 2019

Brian Wilson’s family have already thanked fans for the massive outpouring of support after Brian postponed his summer tour. If you do want to send a personal message of support, the place to send it appears to be Brian’s publicist at the following address

Get Well Brian Wilson
C/O Jean Sievers
2271 Cheremoya Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90068

You can also this email:

…Or Not

Thursday, June 6th, 2019

Murphy’s Law dictates that two days after I posted about Brian’s summer touring, his upcoming dates have been postponed. His statement on the postponement has been posted on his website and social media and is as follows

Dear friends,
It is with great regret that I need to postpone my upcoming June tour.
It is no secret that I have been living with mental illness for many decades. There were times when it was unbearable but with doctors and medications I have been able to live a wonderful, healthy and productive life with support from my family, friends and fans who have helped me through this journey.
As you may know in the last year or so I’ve had 3 surgeries on my back. The surgeries were successful and I’m physically stronger than I’ve been in a long time.
However, after my last surgery i started feeling strange and it’s been pretty scary for awhile. I was not feeling like myself. Mentally insecure is how I’d describe it. We’re not sure what is causing it but i do know that it’s not good for me to be on the road right now so I’m heading back to Los Angeles.
I had every intention to do these shows and was excited to get back to performing. I’ve been in the studio recording and rehearsing with my band and have been feeling better. But then it crept back and I’ve been struggling with stuff in my head and saying things I don’t mean and I don’t know why. Its something I’ve never dealt with before and we cant quite figure it out just yet.
I’m going to rest, recover and work with my doctors on this.
I’m looking forward to my recovery and seeing everyone later in the year.
The music and my fans keep me going and I know this will be something I can AGAIN overcome.
Love & Mercy,
Brian Wilson

We wish Brian all the best and especially some well-deserved rest – there is a clear intention to go back on the road, but even if he doesn’t tour again, it’s been a great 20 year ride.

Summer’s Here, And The Touring Starts

Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

Brian has already performed a one-off date at the Beachlife festival in California, but his summer touring starts off in earnest this Friday, with 31 dates scheduled until the end of September, including the dates with the Zombies.

Pet Sounds 53

Thursday, May 16th, 2019

Happy 53rd birthday to the greatest album of all time. I’ve written a bit about the album over the year; you can see some of my posts here, here and here.

Zombies Live With Brian

Wednesday, May 8th, 2019

Brian’s touring for 2019 has already started with the BeachLife Festival , but from August 31, he will be doing “something completely different.” In a transatlantic collaboration of note, he will be performing with the Zombies in a tour described as Something Great From ’68.  The Zombies will be performing their classic Odessey And Oracle album, while for the first time, Brian will be focusing on the Friends and Surf’s Up album (although the latter was only released in 1971). Brian will be joined by Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin, while the Zombies will include their “original and current” line-ups. 15 dates have been announced across the USA for what should be some special shows.